Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm In Denial It's True

Did I happen to mention in our conversations or passing that my son is getting married?


Are you sure about that?

No post about it or anything?

Let me give it a look.. . . . .

I have mentioned family tragedies, flooded houses and floral madness but NOPE no wedding! Now how on Earth did I miss mentioning that?? So I'm guessing then that it would come as a complete surprise to you that it is THIS WEEKEND! ! HOLY MOLEY!!
Let's just say that I have been in a bit of denial. Why you ask? Well there is a perfectly great explanation for that (at least that's what the voices in my head are trying to tell me). I am FAR too young to be a MIL! You know, I'm only twenty or so or a bit more but not much more. OK, OK! Quit your laughing! I FEEL like I'm 20ish! Is that better? And you know I certainly act it. That's two things! Isn't that enough??

Truth be told my son is 18 and I was 12 when I had him so that would make me 30. Just a bit older than 20ish right? Unfortunately I wasn't telling the truth right then and I'm just a bit upset that I'm becoming the old lady, the grandma (soon to be) and the MIL. It's just not right! I'm trying to take it in stride though and accept one grey hair and one wrinkle at a time. It's no easy task but somebody has to do it! I somehow thought that I, with my super powers (whatever they are), would defy gravity and aging all at once! (oh yeah, and a bunch of other cool things I can't remember right now). NO dice!! So. . . GULP! I bring you pictures of the happy couple BEFORE the ball and chain. (I promise to post wedding pics next week). That is, if they haven't moved me into the retirement home with no Internet access.

My Son Jake

His Fiance Sarah

Don't even ask me what they are trying to do here. I have yet to figure them out!. . . I digress.


Nancy Face said...

Congrats! I LOOOVE being a mother-in-law! It's worth every gray hair and extra wrinkle! I'm looking forward to the wedding pictures! :)

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

You are going to be a cool mother in law (mine is Nuts and has really weird ideas but you gotta love her) and you are going to be one of the young hot grandmas who are to young to be called grandma and reguest to be called mama or nana or something really cool! Ok If you need anything let me know I am here on my big butt doing nothing and eating all of the 100 calorie packs at once!

Kathi D said...

No, look, this will be good, because you will say, "My daughter-in-law this or that" and whoever you are talking to will say, "NO WAY! You look way too young to have grown-up children!" and you'll say, "Oh, well, it's nothing really, just my skin regimen and . . . "