Monday, February 23, 2009

A Few Wedding Shots

The wedding is over. I survived. The end. . . No, I am really still trying to figure out if I survived or not. It's hard to say when I look like death these days and walk around brain dead! Regardless, the wedding went really well and I managed to NOT take a single picture of the event.(And NO that was not on purpose) Thank goodness Keisha was right on that and snapped a few. Here is a sampling of what took place. (In no particular order)

Uncle Gary playing the part of the ousted flower girl.

Jake and his new wife Sarah with mouths agape as they sucked in the bubbles we blew in their honor. (I don't think eating soap is a good pre-honeymoon practice though:)

Photos at a close range are never a good thing. Especially when I am one of those people IN close range. (And YES I did do my hair at some point during the day. Just not looking it)

Giddy "almost" newlyweds. (Little do they know that smile will be SMACKED off soon enough by reality. (When reality hits, she hits hard. . . and sometimes leaves a mark!:)

A little post ceremony round of eenie, meenie, miney, moe with the cute flower girls. I'm wishing I would have joined them for a moment of feet R & R.

Owning a floral shop teaches you the finer art of disguising the cake as a flower. (Who knew there was a plain Walmart cake underneath that all? Not the guests)

Alex was a bit horrified that boys do actually kiss girls. YUCK!

Coolest Kindergarten cousins ever doing a GQ pose.

Jake (Groom) and Sister Keisha for one last crazy shot before he takes the big plunge.


P.S. if you were trying to figure out the wedding colors GOOD LUCK!.. . . No really they were: lime green, orange, hot pink, red, yellow and blue. (and anything else that we decided to throw in there for good measure)


Kathi D said...

Everybody looks so cute! And I LOVE the orange tie and vest. I'm kind of on an orange kick myself these days.

I'm glad you almost survived.

Ringmaster said...

I thought everything was great. The flowers were GORGEOUS!!!!

Nancy Face said...

Such fun pictures! I think you look BEAUTIFUL! :)

The cake is so pretty! My sweet daughter-in-law had a Wal-Mart cake disguised in flowers, too! I loved it, and we would have done the same thing for my daughter's reception, except that she wanted cheesecake!

Melanie said...

Wow, fun colors and those flowers...sorry we had to miss this event. Crazy life, crazy day.

Sabii Wabii said...

The first thing I noticed in your photos was the beautiful eyes both Keisha and the bride have!
The second thing is the guy in the photos in the aisle seat was chewing on his fingers while both the girls walked the aisle. Was he a Dad?
Third, a Wal-mart cake never looked so good!