Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Man Has No Pride

Alternate Title: Tape fixes EVERYTHING!!

You may remember my hubs and his attempt to fix the crotch rip in his pants by using Duct tape? Well that was not really the beginning of his creative ways to avoid using a sewing machine to repair his clothing. When we first were married (a mere few years ago:) I was a bit horrified to discover his method for hemming pants and NO there was not a stitch of thread involved. All he used was a sturdy stapler full of staples and Tah Dah! At that very moment I wanted to head for the door and start running....but somehow his craziness makes me giggle.

The hubs is also REALLY cheap when it comes to clothing for himself and even worse with shoes. I on the other hand know that a good/expensive pair of shoes usually lasts a long time. I'm not crazy and I don't spend oodles on them but I know my shoes. So when a quick trip to Walmart for cleaning supplies also became a happy shoe dance for my hubs with his 10 dollar find, I could only roll my eyes once again. It only took a few months for his fancy finds to fall apart. The kids began to tease him about the blowout on one of his shoes and so he quickly remedied that.

Here is what I found:
As he walked around the kitchen in his fashionable shoes, I could have sworn he was walking on Corn Flakes.

I however do have some pride and was not about to be seen with him in his doctored up cheap shoes. So I got him these:

I'm hoping that his nice shoes will detract from his duct taped crotch and his stapled hems. I can hardly wait to see what he comes up with next. Stay tuned.


Jen said...

I do love a good pair of shoes. I can never fathom when I tell my husband he needs another pair (because he has two, one for sunday, one for weekdays), and he always says he doesn't need another one! Luckily he does let me get him another pair when they break, so we don't have him walking around with duct tape.

Nancy Face said...

You know what I love about this? My parents have done the exact same thing with shoes! :D

My favorite line:

"As he walked around the kitchen in his fashionable shoes, I could have sworn he was walking on Corn Flakes."

Hahaha! :D

Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

He makes me laugh!!

Faith said...

You are such a funny lady! I'm glad I can be your blog friend!

Karen said...

My hubby does the same thing. Right now his big toes are sticking out of both his shoes and he says he can wait a few more weeks to get new ones. And let's not even talk about socks!

Kathi D said...

So just think of it this way. The less he spends on clothes, the more is left for your clothes. You just have to pretend you don't know him when you are out together.

dana said...

I really like his new shoes, but there's nothing that fits so well as a shoe held together with packing tape.

Sabii Wabii said...

Sewing for others I thought I had seen or heard of it all but ...You Win! Tell Hubbie that even out in California with all the crazies...a duct taped crotch wins hands down!