Monday, June 16, 2008

We Interrupt This Blog For Some Breaking News.

LOOK WHAT I GOT! Oh yeah, it's all for me baby! What? You can't seem to figure out why I got this because I put you to sleep? Well, I did and I got it from none other than queen Lola herself. And who knows you better than your own sister?? Nobody I say!

Thanks Lola for saying I make you laugh, when you could have given me the "You make me vomit" award or the "You are a pain in my rump" award or many others. And like you said when you awarded me this, I am not funny in person if I'm funny on my blog. And when I'm funny in person, I can't be funny on the blog. I do this for a reason. You see, I have to pace myself. It's just not good to have too much funny in your life. Yeah, it's true! There are just not enough undies in my stash to keep laughing at myself 24/7. Oh really, I do find myself completely funny and I just have to let it out in drips, or drops or dribbles or droplets. None of this "Here I am being a complete cartoon for you all to enjoy" gushing out all day and night. You would take it for granted and so you get all the other sides of me to enjoy too. . . or not. You choose.

I was told ONCE that I should have been a comedian. I know you find it odd that somebody in the field of Accounting could EVER be THAT funny. Well, I guess you would have to consider the source that suggested such craziness. He was an auditor. You get what I'm saying? Go figure! I think I'll stick to random funny and bean counting.

Thanks Lola! I hope that a hundred dollars was enough?

Anyway, I need to pass this award on and here are some folks I find completely amusing!

Jill from Thou shalt Not Whine keeps me in stitches with all the things her kids say and do! It just reminds me so much of when my kids were little. Awww, sweet memories. . wait, I still have kids at home! What am I thinking?

Alice at Honey Pie is a real character and it is only recently that I have been hooked on her blog. We met through a sexy sox exchange and boy does she know how to pick great sox! I get a kick out of how and what she writes on her blog! (plus, we have some things in common:)

And finally Rowena's Rantings is a great blog. I look forward to checking out her blog and find that she is very entertaining! She also has an adorable new baby, which I would steal from her if I knew where to find her. (Just teasing, I'm not a stalker like that but he is very cute:)


Alice said...

*sniff* My very first award.

If I ever see the bottoms to those Star Wars Socks on eBay - I am SOOO buying them for you now! Then you can kind of sew them together and make Frankenstein socks.

Woo hoo!

Kathi D said...

It's true, you really do have to pace yourself. I am bitter and raging 98% of the time and funny 2%.

Manager Mom said...

I am funny all the time in my own head... people just don't seem to notice. It's mystifying!


I'm part of the Alice Blog Fan Club too!!!

This is a weird thing but the posts I write that I think are hysterically funny get hardly any comments. The ones I write that I just think are "meh" get comments proclaiming LOL.

I think that means that I don't know what actual funny is. :)

Nancy Face said...

You make ME laugh! :D

Ringmaster said...

I agree with Lola. U r FUNNy

Carrot Jello said...


Corrine said...

you deserve that award, I find you quite amusing! thanks for all the laughs.

Heidi said...

I would steal Jen/Rowena's baby too. All that scrumptious hair!