Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance?

Well obviously I do. Something crazy goes off inside of me on Wednesday nights as I find myself in a trance. I become completely glued to the TV and stuck to the couch for a two hour period, only to be freed during commercial breaks. And do you know what I'm watching? Well of course you do! I said it in the title silly!

The show fascinates me, it intrigues me and it causes me to all of the sudden become the judge and the dancer all in one. I can always do the dance better in my head and no matter what, I have the best opinion of how the dance actually came off by the dancers. I figure I'm qualified for the title of judge AND dancer. Just a few short years ago. . . OK! I'll quit lying if you quit snickering! It's been maybe more than a few years ago. Maybe it was in excess of 20? Well, lets say it seems like yesterday when I was on the high school Drill Team and in the Advanced Dance Club. I spent a good portion of my day with Jazz hands. After high school, I was on the local college dance team. And for those of you that are REALLY old like me, I was able to learn some technique from "Fame" dancers in California. I know! I'm so cool that you are glad you know me now huh!. . . . . or not. . . don't say in your little youngster voice "But I don't know who the Fame dancers are!" You probably don't remember "Solid Gold" either I'm taking it? Well GOOGLE it already will you?

So I'm figuring all this dancing qualifies me doesn't it? Let's just say, it's not easy to sit with me while the show is on because I'm pointing out everything I like and don't like. And then let's just say that when a commercial comes on my body starts convulsing in some crazy dance moves. Oh, just ask my family. . . OK don't! But I spent years and years boring them and embarrassing them with my impromptu dance moves when certain songs came on. No where and nobody was safe! Unfortunately, now my children are now subject to this wild dancing that comes out on Wednesday nights. I had just finished watching last weeks dancing with my 12 year old son when I decided to go get my hubby and go for a walk. So I got up and started walking to the front door. For some crazy reason, I had the sudden urge to do a great big leap right then and there. I took a couple of running steps and thrust my right leg out. I could picture it in my head and it was beautiful! I had my arms outstretched and my toes pointed and in perfect split position.I was floating! While I was picturing this in my head ,I touched down from my leap. But instead of coming down softly and on the ball of my foot, I came down flat footed in a BIG THUD !! I swear the house shook a little. My body shook a LOT. I stopped and looked back at my now horrified son and after a short pause he said "Well that was weird!". . . . I'm guessing he wasn't impressed. No "Hot Tamale Train" for me this week!

It looks like I will need a few more practices before I can try-out for the show it seems. Wish me luck!


Jen said...

I'm gonna learn how to fly. High.

Kathi D said...

Well, I know for darn sure that **I** can't dance. But I have never ice skated, and that doesn't keep me from becoming an expert ice skating judge every 4 years for the Olympics!

Lola said...

Judging by the reaction of the horrified teenagers, as I was "Breaking-it-down" a few weeks ago at Mom's, I'm not a dancer either!

Ringmaster said...

Oh, can we get together for the show. I have the same issues, and nobody cares what i have to say. I do not leap though. My landing would be worse than yours, I promise. That is if I could even get off the ground.

Jean Knee said...

so glad you didn't injure uh, something

Alice said...

I watched a very bizarre show called 'Master of Dance' (at least I think that's the title) and you should totally try out for it. They play random music and you have to try to fit moves from that era to it. You could totally do that!


I'm disappointed that you didn't mention A Chorus Line in this post. :(

That was all the rage back in the Fame days, too.

Yeah I'm that old.

How about a legwarmer shout out?


I poured a bucket of water over my head once while sitting in a chair in the backyard ala Flashdance.

Papi didn't get the reference and even when I explained it he just shook his head.

Only Jennifer Bealls can attempt that chair maneuver successfully, I guess.

Alice said...

OK - this doesn't have anything to do with this post, but I could totally use some Star Wars sock tops in my effort against the brush. But what would be EVEN better would be a light saber! Just think of how quickly I could cut through everything.

Lola said...

Hey! Thanks for letting me know that I'm only 38!! I was getting a little I can put that off for another year!!!

Kids give me alzheimers!

Jill said...



I didn't care for the Solid Gold Dancers, they were lame. We actually did a spoof on them at one of our high school dance concerts. It was the hit of the show.

Occasionally, I will dance in front of the children. I've found this is a good way to make them do things. "Do the dishes, or I'll start dancing!" "I'll stop dancing when you stop fighting!"
We have even threatened to come to school and dance for their classes;0)

Sabii Wabii said...

I remember "solid gold" ...does that show our age? I'll have you know as I read your post I too could see you gracefully gliding through the air....I bet our kids just wish they could be as cool as we are when they are old enough to remember watching "Dancing with the stars" and telling there kids about it!

Nancy Face said...

Good luck! ;)

I KNOW I can't dance! :S

b. said...

I LOVED Fame AND Solid Gold. I remember taping every single show!

It's where I learned all my best dance moves and learned how to sing the best karaoke.