Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sappy Sentimental Sunday

Mine was a romance meeting that others only dream of. I never thought that I would meet the love of my life this way but it happened. It was a usual day for me. I was 17 years old and looking forward to my approaching high school graduation. Along with school and the various things associated with that, I was working at the retail powerhouse at that time.

I was feeling pretty powerful after being promoted from Register Operator, who found myself repeating "TYFSOK" over and over as customers came through my line, to Register Supervisor, who kept those twits in line and reminded them to say "TYFSOK" (Thank You For Shopping Our Kmart- for those less fortunate who have NOT had the opportunity to work at Kmart).

Little did I know that this particular night would prove to be different. There I was, being all cool and stuff and then I received a call from the Receiving Manager. He was a goofy kind of guy with a bad perm and side burns. He wore geeky shirts from the 70s it seemed and was a bit odd in my opinion. He asked me if we were busy up front and I told him we were not. He then asked me if I could send some help back to him. He needed some people to mark merchandise and unload boxes. His final words to me were "I would prefer if you sent some good looking girls back here. . . some blonde ones!". Was I hearing him correctly? When it all finally registered, I hung up on him! How could he insult me like that? I had now added JERK to the list of things I had previously thought of him. I was (am) a brunette and I was NOT going to let that blonde bozo tell me that I was NOT good looking because I had dark hair!

Let's just say this relationship WASN'T love at first sight and we didn't exchange any nice words to each other until that fateful night when I didn't have a ride home from work. He offered to take me home and so I went but ONLY because I was desperate to get home! We talked on the way home and although I still thought he was goofy and weird, he was also pretty darn funny. I remember arriving home, getting out of his truck quickly and telling my parent's that a goofy guy from work brought me home.

Little by little, his rides home from work became more frequent and his calls to me increased. This time it wasn't for the cute blondes but to see how I was or if I could go out. He was funny and charming and would do anything in the world for me. I loved that we were so different from each other but we appreciated those differences. We ended up dating for two years (while working at Kmart) before getting engaged. Let's just say my husband Bob (nope, not his real name) was my Blue Light Special! And I mean that in a good way!

Who ever said you can't find anything good at Kmart? Not me for sure. . . No "Kmart Fall apart" here!

Don't ever say that I don't ever give you anything completely romantic and sappy. This is as romantic as my life gets! Enjoy it already dang it! I'm not a writer. I know that shocks you:)


Kathi D said...

Awwwwwwwww I love that story!

Alice said...

A K-Mart romantical.

I didn't like my husband at first either. My first impressions are generally wrong so I can't go by them, really.


I met my Papi at work too!!! We were friends and went places Dutch treat. And then we had our first official date at Pancho's Mexican Buffet. I knew it was serious because he paid extra to buy me the Jell-o parfait inside the collectible Pancho's glass.

See, you're not the only one with a romantic how-we-met story!


Tell us true.....did your man take you out to eat to the K-Mart luncheonette counter?


Do you ever drive past K-Mart and tell your kids, "That's where Daddy and I met and fell in love?"

It sure beats telling your kids you met in a bar! Papi swears thats where most Americans meet their spouses. :)

PJ said...

Hot lovin' on aisle 9!

I'll never look at a blue light special the same.

That was a fun read, thanks for sharing:)

Jean Knee said...

aww that's so sweet., I'm still blushing.

I picked my husband up in a bar, so?

Hey It's Di said...

Alice- I can never trust my first opinions. . maybe I should though:)

Elastic- YES me and Bob frequented the Kmart eatery/luncheon thingee. I have such fond memories! And we do bore our children with the "how we met" each time we pass that store.

P.J., Jean Knee & Kathi - anytime you need some boring life stories, I'm your gal:)

Ringmaster said...

I think I am going to throw up!!!
At least you didn't meet him cruising main street.
Oh wait, thats where i met my DH.
Good things happen in the SF.

Nancy Face said...

I loved it! :D

I met my hubby working at a movie theater. I was a concession girl, and he was a projectionist...awww, talk about sappy! :)

Jen said...

Sounds like most people are looking for love in all the wrong places. Who knew that you could find a $5.00 shirt, diapers, dvds, and an awesome spouse all in the same awesome store?

Annie said...

I love it! The only place that would have been better is IHOP!

b. said... husband Hoss worked at K-mart too. But I didn't meet him there. Only he has fond memories of the K-Mart.