Sunday, September 21, 2008

It Went Something Like This

It's been another crazy week of trying to learn something completely new at my old age and so here are the things I can STILL remember from this week.

* Most of the girls in my department had dates this weekend and were "so excited!!" My
plans for the weekend hardly compared.

* If you reward yourself with food for enduring well your new job, you will gain weight!

* Eating bran for every breakfast and then a 7 layer Burrito from Taco Bell every day for lunch
will eventually be a moving experience!

* Seeing your son's Christmas list ALREADY does NOT make for a short and exciting last
quarter of the year.

* Licking your shoes after your boss sprayed Champagne in celebration, may just get you a
bit silly. (OK, I didn't really lick my shoes but they were sprayed and I threatened them that
I would! And YES I was already silly before the threat and they were glad to not only see my
day come to and end but also that it was Friday and they would have a long break from me!)

* Acting like a 20ish year old and being 40ish, still doesn't change your wrinkles or your sagging. BUT it does make you cool and hip and so the girls tell you about their dates and such. Yo Boy!

* Falling off a ladder (about 5 ft up) with bare feet and on cement really hurts. Maybe not but
for an old person it did.

* Flinging your head really hard to attempt to catch the flying Cheeto your daughter has so nicely launched your direction will give you some form of whiplash. And it hurts! (But it did make my daughter laugh and that's all that matters right?)

There may or may not have been other happenings but at this point, I can't remember. That may be a good thing. Stay tuned for other exciting news like 2 days worth of orientations and how to tick off college administrators. Should be a riot!


PJ said...

What an eventful few days you've had:D

I worked with a 40ish lady when I was 20ish. She was such a strong force in my life that I almost named my daughter after her! Maybe a granddaughter someday;)

Laughing at the flying Cheeto injury:D

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

I am sorry that you work with a bunch of girls you sons age. Maybe you should hook him up did you ever think of that. Cause im thinking get him a NORMAL girl and get him out of the house.

dana wyzard said...

Other than the constant frustration and the younger than you generation, how's it going? lol

Jen said...

I hate whiplash, too. In addition to hating laundry.

Busty LaRue said...

I'm sorry about the falling off the ladder thing. and the whiplash thing. But I have a mental image of the whole trying to catch a cheetoh and it is rather funny.

Jean Knee said...

sounds like you're really starting to like yer new job. that's so great!

yeah, and about that being 40 ish thing--even if all you're doing is hoisting a pool stick around--you will get sore arms. sux

nicole hill said...

hey diana!

i'm gathering my sewing family to put together my invitations (just a couple of straight stitches.)

we're also watching the season premier of the office.

I know it's late notice, but hopefully you can come!:

we'll be at my parents' house and will be sewing from 7-ish - 10-ish. bring your machine!


Nancy Face said...

WOW! You really HAVE had a crazy week!


I'm singing "She Works Hard For The Money" right now and dedicating it to YOU!

Jill said...

I hate injuries caused by snack foods.