Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday Words, Baby Birds & Fabulous Awards

I'm gonna dedicate the word of this week to my husband Bob. He would probably say this is a weird/wacky word and that it is not even in the English dictionary. I've tried to tell him different but you know the old saying "you can't teach an old dog...."? He's an old dog!

Word of the day is : Were

Possible uses in sentence would include: We were excited to go to the game.
They were ready when we arrived.

What Bob uses instead: We was going to stop at Walmart to get some melk.
They was ready when we arrived.
The two of them was beating each other with those pellows.

You see Bob? When it's a plural like in these sentences you change was to were!! Cool trick huh? How about we practice saying it this week in 10 sentences. We'll save melk and pellow for another week. We don't want to overdo it!

Check out these adorable babies!! They were all hanging out of their nest & so my Mom came and grabbed me to take a pic. I hurried and snapped this one before their Swallow parent's came swooping back in to try and attack me!! SCARED ME!! (But I'm kind of a chicken like that!)

And FINALLY, yet most importantly, I got some really great awards this week! Thank you Hellesbelles for appointing me as a "Kick Ass Blogger". That is my goal in life to kick some A**.

And thank you Nancy Face for this great Sparkly award!! A girl has got to have her bling and here it is!!

I'd like to award these two spectacular awards to:

I think We're All Bozos, Honey Pie, Elasticwaistbandlady, Put Some Polka Dots On It and Amber.

You all make me laugh a lot! Now carry on, spread the joy, give some bloggy love!!


Jill said...

So, at your house, do you wash the clothes, or warsh the clothes.
Does a harse eat carn in the born?

Just wondering.

Hey It's Di said...

Jill- At my house no but I remember BOTH grandparent's spoke that way! It was awesome!....and confusing!

Jean Knee said...

I have to refrain from saying pella
cuz that pronunciation is so yesterday.

YAY awards! Love them, thank you--do they come with any cash?

Hey It's Di said...

Jean Knee- They come with chocolate but I'm sure you could trade them in for LOTS of cash!!

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

I was hopin to have this baby ENEMA (and um a ) go home right after looks like I will hafta stay at your house! just kidding. enema is Zacks but I want to tell good oh Jeff Foxworthy (is that really his last name? Talk about redneck)

dana wyzard said...

Those are real swallows???? OMG!! I paint pictures of swallows. OMG!!

Melanie said...

The swallows haven't flew the "coop" to San Juan Capistrano yet?

Hey It's Di said...

Lynsey Lou-Actually you usedtacould have an enema and THEN have a baby!

Dana- Fo Reals those is swallows!

Aw man! All this talking funny is getting to me!

Ringmaster said...

I wish you had a pic of the attacking swallow parents. My grandma says some awfully funny things like that but do you think I can remember any of them right now.


Okay, from the angle you shot the picture I thought it was 5 cigars sticking out of the mud at first. And then from another angle it looks like a darkened hand raising up out of the murk and muck.

Dive bombing swallows are the scariest out of all the picture possibilities.


Thanks for the award! I'm going to iron it on a shirt to prove to doubeters that I really am just that special!

Lola said...

You usetacould get attacked by them birds all of the time when we was kids.

Jean Knee said...

LOL! That was hilarious! You always crack me up!

I really mean that.

Alice said...

Di - you are too sweet. And I'm so lame.

I'm hanging my head since I'd become a bloggy dropout.

At this very moment I'd love to be drinking a beer and hanging with you and Elastic (even though I think you guys don't drink beer but maybe I'll peer pressure you).

*sigh* Back to the lesson plans and THANK YOU FOR THINKING OF ME!

Nancy Face said...

I know people that like to say melk and pellow! Foolish, tee hee! ;)

Those little birdies are the coolest...they all lined up and posed for your camera! :0