Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Son's Choices For Weird Word Wednesday

After finishing my reading, I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around what I just read. I think I'm having a post "Breaking Dawn" brain fart, I decided to turn Weird Word Wednesday over to my intelligent (just turned 13 years old) Al-Pal. He seems to be a font of wacky words that he has heard or learned in school and so today is his chance to shine. Here are the words he gave me.

Weird Word: Antidisestablishmentantarianism

What I thought it might mean: Oh heck! Well, disestablishment would be not established but anti reverses that whole thing. I'm confused. . . my brain hurts too much! I just read over 700 pages of crazy stuff! It's probably a vegetarian establishment that isn't sure if they are going to serve any meat products or not thus causing confusion as to whether to label it a vegetarian establishment or not. Did I lose you there?

What it really means: A belief or view that is against a belief or view that is against the government or an establishment.

OK, that came from WikiAnswers and is NOT making the least bit of sense to me. Like that's hard to do at this point though. So if you can clarify that for me, I would be grateful. I can't even use it in a sentence.


Weird Word: Triskadecophobia

What I thought it might mean: Somebody who is afraid of eating Triscuits (or other Nabisco products) while playing cards.

What it really means: The fear of the number 13.

Obviously many people suffer from this because you can't get a room on the 13th floor most anywhere it seems. Personally I say "Bring it on!" "Show me the magic of 13!". . . or the curse, or whatever it brings. You won't find me looking over my shoulder or being cautious on Friday the 13th. Nope not me! There is no triskadecophobia in my life. How about you?

Stay tuned. Next week I might get my 6 year old to spew out some wacky (and most likely made up) words for you to chew on:)


Kathi D said...

No fear of 13 here. Married on the 13th. Just stayed on the 13th floor of a hotel (they actually had one) and then rode in the 13th row of the plane (although they called it the 14th row, what am I, stupid???).

Alice said...

I'm getting off topic here, but please don't tell me you liked her last book. What did you think?

Hey It's Di said...

Alice- NO I did not like her last book! I'm kind of wishing now that I hadn't read it and just made up my own ending:)

Nancy Face said...

I've always loved spouting out the word antidisestablishmentantarianism! :)

Oh, man! I was SURE that other word meant the fear of rooms decorated in Triscuits. :(

I LOVED Breaking Dawn! :D

Jen said...

I knew both of those words. The first because it's the longest word, the second because my Spanish Teacher in high school had an odd obsession with the word.

Jean Knee said...

that first word was used in the sixties a lot. not that I'm old enough to remember

Not afraid of thirteen although twelve and a half gives me the heebie jeebies

Lola said...

I have a fear of the word does that mean I have antidisestablishmentarianismaphobia???