Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ahhh Sweet Memories!

So tonight as I was working on Indexing Massachusetts death records from 1912 (something I do for our church), I thought about what it might have been like to have lived back then. Of course thinking about way back then also caused my mind to go waaaaaaaaaay back to the 80s. No, not the 1880s either but the AWESOME 1980s of which I can happily say I was a part of! What a really fun time of life! I was all cool and stuff!! (In my own mind anyway so stop laughing!) Here are some 80s memories that made me so cool.

JOURNEY!! Who doesn't love Journey?. . .OK, shut up! They were/Are cool! I fell in love with Journey because my first boyfriend loved journey. Isn't that reason enough? Let's just say I still have Journey (tapes) around but I can't say the same for my first boyfriend.

I like totally didn't want to be lame or like a hoser and spaz out and stuff! Only dweebs and dipsticks that thought they were too cool for Izod could barf me out! Hey! Check out how many 80s slang words I used in those two sentences!! I still find myself spitting out one of those words every once and a while. Oh the looks I get! I will never forget my sexy pink Izod shirt that was a staple in my wardrobe.

A really large chunk of my day was spent in my many layers of leg warmers and exercise wear. I was addicted to dance and unfortunately, everyone else had to suffer through my "Flash Dance" era. I was hot!. . . and sweaty and sometimes stinky too:)

And last but certainly NOT least of my 80's memories (I will spare you the 9 million others for right now:) is my very first car! Yes it was an amazing green Volkswagen Bug! I think it was from the late 1960s and boy was that evident. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing that can come between me and my first car but there are some memories with that baby that I'm glad are distant memories. Winter was always a real treat! Those cars were obviously NOT made for cold weather and I would spend my drives scraping my windows on the inside from the frost that would form as I drove. Also, if you have ever been in one of these sweet hotties you will know that the heater is under the seat. YES your feet get warm, then toasty and then BURNING HOT and you can barely keep your feet on the pedals to drive!! In the meantime, the top portion of the car is freezing and thus causing the routine of scraping the window with one hand and driving with the other. Ahhhh sweet memories! Gotta love em!


The Peterson Family said...

Ah yes, the bug. My boyfriend had a bug in HS. He would pick me up every morning and take me to school. I remember was it was always cold and smelled so much like exhaust you might as well have been riding on a motorcycle. But hey, I wouldn't be caught dead riding the bus right?! :)

Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

Like, I'm totally sure that that was the way best post you've ever done! Like Oh My Gosh!
I totally loved Steve Perry, and your Izod shirt was totally awes!

Jillybean said...

LOVE Journey!!
I teach my three year old to sing Journey songs. (I've posted a few on my blog)
I was a dancer too. Leg warmers worn over my Dance club sweats. The best!
I rode to school with my cousin in her red VW bug. The defrost didn't work so she would scrape a small circle of frost off of the windshield, or drive with her head hanging out the window.
Good times.

Kathi D said...

My best friend had a VW bug. She called it (him?) Victor.

PJ said...

Like totally gag me.

Loved me some 80's I really miss big curly hair. I want it to have a come back!

I will always love Journey!


I STILL love Journey. Well, not their ballads and slow crap, but their rock songs STILL rock!


I couldn't ever Flashdance but I can do the fast-stepping Snoopy dance thing whenever the Peanuts theme comes on.

My oldest daughter made me dance to it in the middle of a store on Black Friday because they were playing the Peanuts theme. I can also do the Charlie Brown. And I'm available for parties.


I never wore legwarmers but I do recall the fad of layering up mismatched socks.

Wearing 3 pairs of socks at one time is not a great idea when you live in a place with 100% humidity.

I used to layer my Swatch watches up my arm too. Now, my arm is so fat I can barely latch one at the wrist.

Jen said...

My husband and I are huge fans of the genre to which we affectionately refer as 80's Butt Rock. Don't Stop Believing.

Jean Knee said...

wow, you sound really old

dana wyzard said...

The VWs, with the engine in the BACK didn't allow for any heat from the motor to help with the frost on the windshield. My boyfriend never cleaned out his VW and one day.....ONE DAY I stupidly got in the back and saw......real, honest to God grass growing in the dirt on the floor. Exit boyfriend. ugh

Sabii Wabii said...

You forgot to mention how HOT the guys looked in their Angel Flight polyester pants!

Nancy Face said...

Journey is awesome! I was too poor for Izod, but I thought it was so cool! My dad had a VW like that! He crammed our family of 6 into the blazing AZ summer go to church. UGH!