Sunday, October 5, 2008

And it's Three, Two, One. . . Your On!

Here are my two oldest, Jake & Keisha, proving that they shouldn't be in front of a camera!

It's been a couple of LONG years since Keisha somehow got to be an extra in a movie that was being made in the area. She spent her Saturday thinking she was all cool sitting in the bleachers at a park and doing what extras do. . . which is basically nothing. This was great money for her. She does NOTHING really well and so to get paid 45 bucks for it was "freaking awesome!" Fast forward to now and the long awaited movie was finally released. She could hardly wait to see it=her. This was her big chance! We decided to go as a family on Monday night. Let's just say the rest of the family must not have been to excited to see it because our "family night" ended up being me and Keisha.

It turned out to be quite a good movie. Well at least I thought so. The reviews didn't reflect my feelings. I think they may have called it "Forever Wrong" and "Forever Long" . Unfortunately, Keisha was sadly disappointed to find out that she was no where to be seen in the entire movie. That's the tough reality of being one of the hundred extras there!

In other good news for the week, I was excited to see that my favorite dude on America's Got Talent won! Go Neal!! No, I don't watch the show faithfully and find most of it completely annoying. BUT I saw Neal on a commercial early on and thought he was awesome and humble and everything good. So even if the show pretty much gets on my nerves, at least America picked the best person to win it!

And then there is work.Well that is still hogging up most of my time (and thus my reason for random blogging). But I do like it! I can say the highlights of the week were being called Sarah Palin by some attorneys that I walked to the conference room. (The CEO came in after the meeting and told me they had mentioned I looked like Sarah). Can I just say "Whaaaaaaat?" I just don't see it!

And FINALLY, I am hoping some day I know what I want to be when I grow up. I went from florist, to accountant, to now college enrollment counselor and then this week I was asked to be the spokeswoman in a company video. We have started shooting and will continue this week. And I have to say I actually enjoy it! It was more work than I had ever realized to be in front of or behind a camera. We all worked until we could hardly function but it was great!

Stay tuned for when I become famous and you are all clamoring to get my autograph!. . . . Alright don't hold your breath for that one but just pretend and all OK? Maybe stay tuned for when I decide to dress in brown, drive my brown vehicle and bring you presents! That sounds SWEET!


petersons said...

Hello?! Keisha was an extra in that movie?! That has my boyfriend Sean Farris in it! (he is Tom Cruise about 20 years least that's who i think he looks like).
Oh to have a wonderful job where you get to be the company spokesperson on camera and be compared to the beauty of Sarah Palin. Hey no fair! :) I'm glad you are enjoying your new place :)!

Kathi D said...

Just say "you betcha" a lot and you've got it!

I swear, I still can't believe your kids are so goofy, what with having a mom that is so super-serious and all. It's weird.

I love your design, but the printing on mine goes all the way from side to side instead of staying in the green part--what's up with that? I hope it's just me.


I've never been in a movie. Ever. Unless you count me rolling over on top of some DVD's the kids left in the bed.


Diana Does Dallas!(The Utah Version)


Maybe you'll morph into a whole nother career in acting? There's a former SHM who's 40 and now works modeling and being the showgirl at local golf tournaments and stuff.

Nancy Face said...

I want to see that movie! :)

My next door neighbor was an extra in "Willow" many moons ago...same thing, we've never been able to find him in the crowd! But he pretends HE can! ;)

Nancy Face said...

So many fun things to read here! :D

Nancy Face said...

Don't forget us little people when you get famous and stuff. ;)

PJ said...

My husband and I were extras in a movie once. Sitting in bleachers cheering. We didn't make it on screen either:(

Then again I don't look like Sarah Palin. WHAT a compliment:D

dana wyzard said...

KathiD, it's the size of your monitor and whether it's square or oblong.

And as for the two movie stars in your family, the mother out distances the daughter for once!! YEA!!!